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Aqua Bike


It combines the principles of classic spinning with the healthy, pleasant and drainage effect of water. Riding your adjustable bicycle in water will sculpt your legs and improve your body without pain. It will help protecting your joints and build bone density. Aqua Bike is open to all levels of fitness as resistance can be adjusted.

Aqua Fitness Revolution: Aqua Bike
Aqua Fitness Revolution: Hand Buoys
Aqua Fitness Revolution: Cuffs
Aqua Fitness Revolution: Gloves

Hand Buoys


Underwater Hand Buoys feel and act like weighted barbells. They are the ideal "weight" for upper body conditioning in deep and shallow water. They also support your body for deep water exercise.



The hardest working gear. Cuffs enhance the natural buoyancy and resistance of water, getting you the most out of your time in the water. On your ankles, around your waist, on your arms or on your wrists, Cuffs do it all in both the deep and shallow water.



They simply increase the drag forces of the water and allows you to work your muscles in pairs, in every directions. It also increases the surface area and turbulence to create additional resistance for muscle action.

Aqua Fitness Revolution: Noodles
Aqua Fitness Revolution: Belts



They are designed to safely support an adult in the water and provide the level of resistance necessary for effective upper body conditioning.



They are used for deep water exercises in order to create neutral buoyancy and maintain vertical alignment. Belts can be combined with other equipments and can be used for stretching and relaxation.

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