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Our Philosophy

The goal of Aqua Fitness Revolution is to spread the unlimited benefits that water has to offer to anyone who wants to exercise while respecting their specific needs.


Some want to train hard, some want to improve their physical fitness, some want to get trained for a marathon, some want to exercise without impact, some want to increase their range of motion, some want to build lean muscles and get toned…


Whatever your objective is, Aqua Fitness Revolution will help you to achieve it through its signature program targeting cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, power, speed and reaction time.


Aqua Fitness Revolution offers a healthy way to exercise efficiently and safely in a pool using the unique Power of Water!

Aqua Fitness Revolution: Our Philosophy

Keep in mind that water is a natural element that offers resistance in every directions!


This is the reason why everybody can enjoy a complete workout in the water.

Athletes, adults, teens, seniors, beginners or advanced participants, men and women, participants of all fitness levels as well as injured participants unable to work on land will always enjoy safe, challenging and effective workout!

Join Aqua Fitness Revolution for a total body workout

that enhances your energy  and naturally promotes happiness!

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