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Betty Devallet

Water Exercise & Aqua Biking Trainer

AEA Certified - ATRI Certified

Founder of Aqua Fitness Revolution 

Passion made her dream come true!


With a strong interest in water since childhood, it was almost written that one day Betty will finally succeed to build her professional carrier around the most important element in life: WATER.


After spending 15 years working for International Companies in the marketing field, Betty discovered Water Exercise in Dubai, U.A.E., where she lived for 5 years. Between her different living destinations (Paris, Dubai, Barcelona and Miami), Betty always kept in mind her strong need to accomplish her passion: starting a professional fitness activity dedicated to health and well-being using the multiple benefits of the water.

Betty Devallet / Water Exercise Trainer and Creator of Aqua Fitness Revolution

This passion pushed Betty to find a way of becoming a Certified Water Exercise Trainer. Once established in Miami, she discovered AEA, a not-for profit educational organization committed to spread aquatic fitness worldwide. This organization is one of the most renowned professional and international organization that trained many Water Exercise Trainers all over the world.

Certified since 2011, Betty has immediately been recruited by The Herbert Wellness Center of the University of Miami to expand the water exercise activity thanks to her dynamic and innovative way of teaching.


In 2013, Betty created her own company Aqua Fitness Revolution and started teaching  group classes at the Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club, the Coral Gables Athletic Club, the Riviera Country Club and private or semi-private classes in private pools.


Her signature program offering a variety of formats including HIIT, Tabata, Kickboxing, Pilates, Plyometric training and incorporating the new Aqua Bike Fitness Trend, makes her classes very exciting and attractive. Betty always keeps up-to-date about the aquatic field through lectures of specialized professional magazines and web-sites. Betty also participates in professional workshops and attends renowned events such as the International Aquatic Fitness Conference every year.


Born and raised in France, traveling to many countries, Betty is an open-minded person speaking 3 languages (French, English, Spanish) and dedicated to serve her participants by improving their health and quality of life thanks to the water’s benefits.

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