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Ann Zani

Miami, FL

"Betty is an outstanding water aerobics instructor.  I have been doing water aerobics a number of years and she is the best!  She assures your posture is correct and describes each muscle group that you are exercising.  She carefully watches and critiques each members activity.  I would highly recommend her class."

Homa Samway

Miami, FL

"Betty has been a great water aerobic instructor. She gets in the water with us and we do multiple exercise - always with a smile. I’ve definitely benefited from her program, and leave her class energized."

Sarah & Luiz Carlos

Miami, FL

"I would highly recommend Betty for anyone who is interested in working out, toning muscles, losing weight and regaining energy. Working out in the water is the best exercise, and Betty is an outstanding aquatic fitness instructor. She takes the time to explain, to show how to do the exercise and to correct every single posture. After one session with Betty, my husband and I decided to hire her for private training at the convenience of our pool. For the first time in life, my husband - who NEVER stepped into a gym - is looking forward to our bi-weekly workout with Betty. And last, but not least, we have a lot of fun!"

Connie Kosowsky

Miami, FL

"Betty is the best water aerobics instructor I have ever had the pleasure of  taking class from. Her workouts are a great balance of cardio, strength training and flexibilty/stretching.  She is a talented  instructor whose workouts are extremely effective, challenging in a positive way, and fun!  Her workouts are motivating and require focus- a great stress reliever.   After 20 years in the martial arts, I have enjoyed her classes more than any other form of exercise in which I have participated.“ 


Miami, FL

"I am a 58 year woman who has had both knees replaced and have been exercising in the water since 2003. Betty's classes are great, she has given me a totally different way of exercising in the water.  The Aqua Cycling Circuit Class gives me core strengthening, a cardio workout, I work on multiple body parts at the same time and most importantly to me is getting all of this without impact on my knees. I am totally exhausted (in a good way) after Betty's classes. Most people think of water exercising is an older woman activity, that is not the case with this class. This is not your grandmothers Aqua Class." 


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